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20 February 2015

Digital queues to reduce time to cross Belarusian border

GRODNO, 20 February (BelTA) – It is necessary to accelerate the work on introducing digital queues near automobile border checkpoints. Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Leonid Maltsev made the relevant statement at the session of the commission on state border policy in Grodno on 19 February, BelTA has learned.

The minimization of queues near automobile border checkpoints is an important matter in Belarus. There are problems involved in crossing the border via the border checkpoint Beyakoni. The four-lane motorway between the Belarusian and Lithuanian border checkpoints disallows smooth handling of the vehicles that are granted extraordinary passage in conditions of heavy traffic. The problem can be resolved by expanding the road with an additional traffic lane or a reverse motion lane. The situation results in queues up to 10km long. The queued vehicles ignore traffic signs and displease the local population.

Leonid Maltsev spoke in favor of introducing digital queues, the construction of buffer zones, and parking lots near border checkpoints where vehicles will be able to wait for their turn. "It will not resolve the bottlenecks of the border checkpoints but will reduce tensions on approach to the border and will streamline traffic," said the official. The system is being tested at the border checkpoint Kozlovichi. It will be deployed as an experiment at the automobile border checkpoint Brest soon. There is demand for digital queues at the border checkpoints Bruzgi, Berestovitsa, Benyakoni, Kamennyi Log, and Kotlovka.

Work to that effect is already in progress in Grodno Oblast. A land plot 10km away from the border checkpoint Benyakoni has been allocated in Voronovo District for the sake of building a parking lot. Four investment contracts on building logistics hubs near border checkpoints were signed in Grodno Oblast in 2014. The Turkish company Sednat is implementing the project to build a motorway service outlet with a parking lot for long recreation near the border checkpoint Kotlovka.

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