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23 January 2015

No supplies from Grodno Meat-Packing Plant to Russia since 10 December

GRODNO, 23 January (BelTA) - Grodno Meat-Packing Plant have not supplied its products to Russia since 10 December, the company's Director General Anatoly Grishuk told BelTA while commenting on Rosselkhoznadzor's statement about the detection of genetic material of African swine fever (ASF) virus in the sausages Doktorskiye on the market of Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast, Russia.
"Rosselkhoznadzor has not lifted the temporary ban on the import of our products to the Russian Federation imposed on 10 December 2014. We have not supplied a single batch of goods to Russia since then," Anatoly Grishuk noted. Moreover, Grodno Meat-Packing Plant did not export its products to Pskov Oblast of Russia even before the ban. "The town of Velikiye Luki has its own meat-processing plant, so we did not even consider entering that market. Thus, it is hard to escape a conclusion that those sausages had not been made at Grodno Meat-Packing Plant," the director general explained.

Some time ago the genome of the ASF virus was found in the samples of the cooked sausage Doktorskaya in Ryazan, but the Grodno plant did not supply its goods to that region either. "The only way that our products could get there was to be delivered by some small business. But this explanation also raises doubts, as over the last months no outbreaks of ASF have been detected in Grodno Oblast and no quarantine has been announced. Besides, not a single sample of our products has been proven to contain the genome of the virus," Anatoly Grishuk added.

Grodno Meat-Packing Plant sent its specialists to Pskov Oblast on 22 January. "According to the law, the products under suspicion should be kept for three months. Besides, four inspection reports should be drawn up, and one should be given to us," Anatoly Grishuk noted. He hopes the situation will be dealt with in an unbiased manner.

The director general also said that Grodno Meat-Packing Plant hopes to resume its beef export to the Russian Federation as soon as the commission of Belarusian veterinary services announces the results of its work.

On 22 January Rosselkhoznadzor posted the information on its website, according to which its department for Tver and Pskov Oblasts took samples of the sausages Doktorskiye produced by Grodno Meat-Packing Plant at the central marketplace of Velikiye Luki. "Genetic material of the ASF virus has been detected. Rosselkhoznadzor is taking measures to stop the spread of the African swine fever in the territory of Pskov Oblast," the website reads.