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The industry of the Novogrudok district in 2017 is represented by 10 major industrial organizations: OJSC Novogrudok Giving Company Dairy Company, Novogrudok Gas Equipment Plant OJSC, Leor Plastic LLC JV, ProVitBel LLC, Novogrudok winery branch OJSC Dyatlovo Liquor- Algon Vodka Plant, Novogrudok Bread Factory Branch, Grodnohlebprom OJSC, BelCredo OJSC, Novogrudok Metalware Plant OJSC, Novogrudok Factory of Special Clothes LLC and Novogrudok Integrated Consumer Service Center.

The region's industrial organizations produced products (works, services) in actual selling prices for the year 2017, including the cost of tolling raw materials, to the amount of 295.6 million rubles.

The volume of manufactured products in actual prices increased by 11.2% compared to 2016.
The index of the physical volume of industrial production by the set of representative goods was 100.4% with the forecasted level of 102.7%.

In 2017, the greatest growth in production in physical terms in comparison with the previous year was achieved in the following main product groups:
Bottles of plastics - 10.3 times;
Bakery products of long storage - 2,6 times;
Milk and cream, processed liquid - 165,9%;
Canned fish - 161,8%;
Fish products canned - 161.4%;
Cheese soft - 158,8%;
Smoked fish - 152,4%;
Gas meters - 137.5%
Curd and curd products - 136.1%;
Sauerkraut - 133.9%;
Pants, overalls, shorts - 132.2%;
Packing products from plastics - 128,9%;
Vegetables and mushrooms, canned - 122,6%
Salted herring - 120.6%;

For the year 2017, industrial products were shipped in the amount of 276.7 million rubles, or 97.1% of the total volume of products produced, without taking into account give-and-take raw materials. Innovative products were shipped by 6.6 million rubles, or 2.4% of the volume of shipped products.
As of January 1, 2018, the value of stocks of finished goods in warehouses of industrial organizations amounted to 11.5 million rubles, or 48.4% of the average monthly output. The share of stocks of finished goods in the average monthly volume of production by municipal enterprises amounted to 48.8% with the adjusted standard of 51.0%.

The volume of exports of goods in the region for January-December 2017 amounted to 75.3 million US dollars, or 97.1% to the level of 2016, the positive balance of trade in goods amounted to $ 43.2 million. Geography of export of the district in 2017 expanded to 4 countries: Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria and Turkey. The foreign trade turnover of the district is more than 90% formed by industrial organizations.

The industrial organizations in 2017 mastered 8.0 million rubles of investments in fixed assets, or 129.0% in comparable terms to the previous year, including the purchase of machinery and equipment 5.7 million rubles, or 70.8% of of the total volume. The share of investment of industrial organizations in the region's investments is 15.3%.

In 2017, foreign direct investment in the amount of USD 3.9 million was attracted to the region, with a forecast value of USD 2.1 million. The implementation of this indicator is ensured through the implementation of investment projects in the field of wind energy LLC "VetroVatt" and LLC "Envetr".